Kick scooter



-Made in USA

-Elastic Soft Ear-loops

-Cover your nose and mouth around

-Comfortable, Breathable, Soft and Skin-friendly, and Easy to use

-Washable, Reusable, and can be folded for easy carry.

-100% Polyester

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Though wearing washable face mask is primarily for protecting ourselves from unfiltered air and other harmful airborne particles from entering the face mask, it is not deniable that they take up a fair amount of real status on our face.

Keep safe and secure without compromising your aesthetic taste by wearing soft and comfortable face mask. Made from Polyester (outer layer ) and poly cotton ( inside layer )

When it comes to the proper fit and size for your child’s mask, the same guidelines apply as for adults: It should fit over the nose and under the chin without gapping at the sides.

“You may have to experiment before you find the right one. In general, the children’s sized face masks will fit someone from age 3 through around age 10 and sometimes up to 14 years of age. But if you child is larger for their age, you may need to try a small adult size,” Lori said.

Keep it fun for kids

The key is to relax and have fun with your child, Lori said. “If they see you upset or not wearing your mask, they will do the same thing. If you make it fun and allow them to choose fun colors or prints or even make their own mask with proper material, they are more likely to wear their masks.”

Children understand there’s a time and place for certain things. That goes for masks, too.

“Teach your children when and how it is appropriate to take breaks from wearing their masks, such as when they’re outdoors and at a safe distance from other people,” Lori said. “Also make sure your kids have a place to store their used masks when they are not wearing them and that they have a way to clean their hands before and after handling their mask.”

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Fabric Color

Pink, Purple, Red, Black, Brown, Blue, Green, Orange, White, Yellow


Big (7 to 14 years old), Small (3 to 6 years old)


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